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How To Use Magnetic Hyperthermia For Restorative and Pain Relief

Hyperthermia is the increased body temperature that happens when your body can’t regulate its own temperature. It can cause tissue damage and lead to irreversible conditions, sometimes even death. There are treatments for hyperthermia, but they aren’t always effective. One treatment option is magnetic hyperthermia, which uses a magnet to increase the heat in specific areas of the body. This process helps with pain relief and restorative sleep without causing additional damage.

Here are some ways to use magnetic hyperthermia for pain relief and restorative sleep at home.

How does magnetic hyperthermia work?

Magnetic hyperthermia works by using a magnet to increase the temperature in a specific area of the body. This process can help with pain relief and restorative sleep without causing additional damage.

-You can use a magnet on your neck or wrists

-You can use it for migraines

-You can use it for muscle spasms

-You can use it for arthritis or inflammation

-You can use it for temporary relief from chronic pain and joint stiffness

-You can also use magnetic hyperthermia as an alternative to other therapies, such as surgery, chemical injections, and physical therapy.

How can you use magnetic hyperthermia for pain relief?

Magnetic hyperthermia helps with pain relief because it increases the body temperature. This increases blood flow and oxygen to the area of your body experiencing pain. It also decreases inflammation, which is a factor in pain.

The process can be done at home using a magnet, which you can purchase on Amazon for about $15. For example, you could use a magnet over your abdomen or back to increase heat at that area. You would place one side of the magnet on the skin and the other side over an area of pain. The magnetic field then creates heat in order to reduce inflammation.

It should be noted that this treatment isn’t a cure-all for all types of pain, but it does work for some people who experience cramps, headaches, and muscle tension from having poor quality sleep.

What is the best frequency for magnetic hyperthermia?

The frequency for magnetic hyperthermia can vary depending on the individual. There are no set guidelines for what frequency to use, but some people find success with frequencies between 1 and 5 hertz.

You should also consider the location of your pain when using magnetic hyperthermia. If you’re experiencing chronic pain in one place, it may be best to use a higher frequency in that area. You should also consider whether or not you have any metal implants, such as a pacemaker, because those may interfere with your treatment.

What are some ideas for using magnetic hyperthermia at home?

By using magnetic hyperthermia for pain relief and restorative sleep at home, you can reduce the time needed to recover from an injury or illness. You can also have a healthy lifestyle that is beneficial for your overall health.

You could use a magnetic field to help ease pain in some areas of your body. For example, if you have a sore neck, place a magnet on the back of your head and move it gently up and down while you are sleeping.

If you have trouble sleeping due to chronic pain, place a magnet near your hips or chest while lying on top of it. This will relax your muscles and allow them to rest completely without interruption.

Finally, if you want to use magnetic hyperthermia as part of restorative sleep, place magnets near each shoulder and foot (or their corresponding area) while lying on them with arms stretched out in front of you or legs stretched out behind you.


Magnetic hyperthermia is an alternative form of pain relief that can be relatively easy to use at home, and you don’t have to worry about side effects as with prescription painkillers. With the right frequency and intensity, magnetic hyperthermia can provide pain relief for short-term and long-term conditions.

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